Talent Strategy

Core idea 

We attach great importance to people's work, as the capital of enterprise strategy, is the support point of enterprise survival and development. We emphasize: People's development, better than all. Will respect the value of people, pay attention to people's needs, to play the potential of people as the root of enterprise development.

The concept of 

Health depends on its own purpose and culture, achievements and opportunities, policies and treatment to attract and recruit qualified talents. We focus on people's quality, potential, character, education and experience. In the introduction of talents, use according to the new principles to do new things, do the right people in right gang.

A view 

Through all kinds of training, so that new people can quickly integrate into the enterprise development environment, to create a more pleasant working atmosphere and more suitable for the backbone of talent, and fully tap the potential of talent. Through job rotation, cross part-time, personalized training and other ways to cultivate talents, to clear the direction of the bone dry talent, laying career development channels, speed up the use of key personnel training.

View of using human 

Health industry based on the objective and impartial evaluation results, so that the most suitable people to the most suitable position. Through the "people - Post" matching assessment, for the recruitment, training, job adjustment, cognitive self, career planning and other provide a basis for the development of excellent talent to provide space.

Have both ability and moral integrity, sainted and talented, focused on the use of; not only virtuous, culture; talent without virtue, restrictions on the use of or critical positions without; no German, and resolutely not.

The concept of keeping people 

Health care of the individual value of the embodiment of the individual, to create a self motivation, self-discipline and promote outstanding talent to come to the fore mechanism. In the remuneration and treatment, and unswervingly to the excellent staff. We will lay the quality of your work closely with the personal development of the professional development channel, so that you dream of flying in the health industry, together with all the healthy development of health and fitness, and share the future!