Jianye Textile Group Co., Ltd. is a set design, development, production and sales of large-scale textile enterprises; is a member of Chinese Textile Association, Chinese flocking Association executive director of the unit; group founded in 1992, after 20 years of hard pioneer, has a number of subordinate enterprises: Guangzhou jianrun Textile Co. Ltd. Foshan City, Qin Jian Textile Technology Co. Ltd., Haizhuqu District Jian line group of intercalated; pay attention to independent research and development, the main products for printing and dyeing, jacquard, embroidery, flocking female knitting fashion fabrics, has a professional design team, to focus on industry, pioneering and innovative "as the design concept, are always leading the fashion trend, sales network all over the country, exported to Europe and the United States, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other 40 countries and regions in the world, in the industry to enjoy High visibility and reputation.

Health textile industry adhere to the "people-oriented" talent strategy, regarded each employee is the most precious resource of enterprise, the company implemented a fair, open and impartial humanized management, for every employee to provide with competitive salary, broad space for development, tailor-made learning growth plans; due to the business development needs, sincere hire the following position:

【Position one】 foreign trade clerk
Job responsibilities 
1、 enter the new customer information, develop new customers, maintain good old customers, do a good job of customer reception, analysis and other work; 
2、Record daily customer follow up in M8; 
3、Follow up the customer's feedback to the product and collect the information of the customer's requirement; 
4、Discuss the details with the customer, sign a formal contract, collect the deposit, avoid the risk of the order;
5、According to customer requirements, arrange production orders, to control delivery, booking arrangements, timely send shipping samples to the customer approval; 
6、Recover the balance, arrange shipment, customs clearance, follow-up services and other related matters.

【post qualification】 
1、College degree or above, major in international economics and trade or business English, English 6 or above 
2、1-2 years working experience in foreign trade, import and export trade; 
3、Good communication and coordination skills, able to work under pressure, strong sense of responsibility; 
4、Fluent in spoken and written english.

【Position two】Lace fabric sales manager
【Job responsibilities】
1、Achieve sales target set by the company;
2、Regularly recommend the company's new products to the customer, and the customer's product orientation information in a timely manner to the company, to ensure that the continuity of orders;
3、Follow up the production schedule of customer orders, timely feedback to the customer in the production process, to ensure the timely delivery of the order;
4、Customer complaints about the quality of products, the need to confirm the authenticity of the complaint matters, and timely feedback to the company to maintain customer relations, the interests of the Surety Company;
5、Every month and monthly customer reconciliation, to avoid bad debts, bad debts, to ensure the timely payment to recover;
6、Skilled use of customer relationship management and other operating systems, timely customer information, follow up the progress of the system, and the existing problems in the system to improve the views;
7、Complete other tasks assigned by superior;

【Post qualification】
1、Female, college degree or above, good appearance, good health, the textile industry work experience.
2、Have good analysis ability and development ability to the market, be good at grasping the customer demand and market opportunity.
3、Be able to skillfully use office automation equipment and office software, with considerable computer comprehensive application skills.
4、Hard work, tenacity, setbacks, never say never yield in spite of reverses.
5、Master the professional knowledge of textiles, familiar with the characteristics of lace embroidery products, give priority to.

Free choice work place
: company in Foshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Keqiao has offices, the entry after the positive conditions are satisfied can free choice above the city needs the post;

Above position, if interested, can be delivered through the following ways

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